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"Dave was able to take the time and focus to understand my team and I as individuals. He pin-pointed  all of our strengths. He also found specific obstacles and patterns that were blocking our ability to inter-communicate and achieve our common goals. By working with us individually he helped us understand and overcome our obstacles and inefficient patterns. Dave strengthened our team and increased efficiency. We have now all found ways to utilize our skills and contribute them toward a common goal."

Marina Abramovic
Founder / MAI

“Xealots has been a huge blessing in our lives over the last 3 years. It has helped to clarify identity and calling while instilling fundaments and vision into our marriage, work, ministry and relationships. Dave has prayed, led, and walked us through moments where we did not have perspective or eyes to know all that was going on. His presence and leading is always in sync with what god is doing in our lives. He has helped us uncover the path to our truest self, voice, and vocation.. in a relaxed, spirit led yet bold way.”

Kyle & Juliet Korver
NBA Basketball Player & Singer/Songwriter

“I was honored to get to share at several Xealots gatherings … to be connected to people who convene not only to be inspired, but also to be challenged to take real action to serve like Jesus did. I love that this community actively fights injustice and extends God’s love to some of society’s most forgotten.”

Catherine Hoke
Founder & CEO / Defy Ventures

“Xealot's community and network around the world has helped me unleash my dreams and focus on my passions by giving me clarity and confidence. Through their framework, they have provided me a platform to grow from strength to strength, and now I run a successful culinary program in Asia, among various other businesses. I love the community, shared heart and vision that Xealot's has and the value they bring to any atmosphere they enter.”

Tim Ong
International Chef

“Dave has been like a brother for more than a decade, and it's rare that a day goes by when I don't find myself marinating on one of the many simple, but profound truths that Dave lives by and has modeled to me.  I am inspired by his quiet, but fierce courage and his relentless reliance on the Spirit.  There is power in knowing that Dave loves and believes in me--and I've felt his confidence as I've grown in my own walk and journey.  My pain has led me to my purpose, and I believe I first uncovered this important truth with Dave.  He's encouraged my boldness and the constant reminder to always "use what's in my hand" as God continues to give me challenges far beyond my human capabilities.  I will always consider Dave and his family dear family to us.”

Tara Russell
President / Fathom Global Impact Lead, Carnival Corp & PLC

“Xealots has been a great experience for me and I hope it will help many others as well. It gave me a better understanding of myself and the way I think. Most importantly, it gave me spiritual and practical guidance to be comfortable and excited about being myself. Often times I felt like my drive or my story was not normal, and I realized it wasn't, which ultimately has become my strength. Xealots also helped me understand what I was made for and how to live that out in my strengths and skill sets. My initial involvement in Xealots came at a critical time in my life when I needed it the most, therefore I would say that nothing happens with Xealots by mistake.”

Garrett Futrell
Entrepreneur & CEO / Orange County, CA

“Through Xealots I began to discover my destiny, understand my strongholds, see pain as source of power, heal through reconciliation and forgiveness, and realize my real strengths. While all this was going on, I felt and saw the power and love our God working in equipping and transforming me and everyone who came together for this amazing experience. Xealots is a way of life and is life-transforming!”

Linda Kang
President / KoreL Design Tiles

“I was at the Xealots Alliance Gathering when I sensed God asking me how startups and church could mix and how I should participate. I was surprised by this line of questioning as I was happily working in full- time ministry with Menlo Church at the time, preparing for a new ministry year. But because I knew I wasn’t initiating this conversation, I had to honor the process. God had prepared David and I independently to go on this journey together. On March 4, 2013, Telos Ventures was born.”

Eric Quan
Founder / Telos Ventures

“The things I learned/experienced in Xealots impacted me. Those were tough but beautiful years in my journey, and God used that season of my life in such a powerful way. God put Dave and Xealots in my path as He knew that it was exactly what I needed to grow and to stay encouraged.  I still miss the tribe. Every single thing I did with Xealots left an impact on both my world view and my relationship with the Lord.  Thank you!”

Brian Hendricks
Realtor / Magis Realty

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Gibbons for the past ten years. He is an incredible leader and very innovative thinker. I really enjoy being around him, discussing future trends and how we as Christian leaders should move to best engage those we lead so they have the most Kingdom impact possible as well as blessing them and seeing them grow in their relationship with the Lord. I am not gifted as an “Outside the box” thinker and Dave is! Being around him pushes me and I need that. Dave has spoken to our Barnabas Group on two occasions and both times our group left challenged, stimulated and energized! He is a visionary. Xealots focus is on collaboration and getting the most out of people who most of us might not notice. I would encourage you to investigate Xealots and see what God might do in your life through Xealots!”

Jim West
Managing Partner / The Barnabas Group

“Upon graduating from seminary my wife and I went Thailand to serve with Xealots and had a radical transformation in two key areas; first in how we approached non-profit work and second how the church can and should be engaged with the marginalized.  The impact was so great in our lives, I wanted a refund from seminary and then to tell everyone who was planning on attending seminary to do a stint with Xealots, because the tangible growth and learning experience would far outweigh a degree.  Today, thanks to Xealots, we have established two international non-profits that fight human-trafficking and planted a thriving church in Mexico City. XEALOTS has been a launchpad for justice work throughout the world and a community of radicals where I find innovation, accountability and encouragement.”

Benny Yu
Founder / The Well of Life, Mexico City

“The XEALOT philosophy is zeitgeist. The time I've spent with Dave has enabled me to unlock a new element of my personal journey. Dave and his XEALOT philosophy are the real deal!”

Art Hooker
Filmmaker / Training Designer

“Xealots has changed my life! Through the many learning opportunities and tools Xealots provided I was able to discover my true essence. Now whether I’m in church, on the basketball court, or walking the streets, I feel empowered and equipped to live out my destiny freely everyday. Dave helped me to acknowledge my pain and gently guided me through a process of healing, to where I am now able to use my past as a platform to help others. Additionally, my Xealots tribe and the wider Xealots global community has provided me with the family support network to inspire me to live and lead with greater boldness and courage. I am forever grateful!”

Kaija Leo
Semi-Pro Basketball Player / Live Coordinator

“Xealots has given me a revolutionary way of re-orienting my approach to life and ministry - a way of seeing beauty in the mess, purpose in the pain, and life in the shadows.  I really love the relational emphasis of Xealots, how it's more than a program and instead a community of Xealots.”

Drew Hyun
Church Planter & Pastor / Hope Church, NYC

“Dave has played a significant role in my families life. He encouraged us and recognized our giftings in Christ and followed the Holy Spirit's prompting to bring us to the USA. It was because of this that we have been able to train and place over 400 people from at-risk situations into culinary arts jobs in the Boise community. We have been greatly encouraged and inspired by Xealot conferences and believe God pulls extraordinary individuals to these events. Dave is a dear friend and an amazing man of God.”

Brent Southcombe
Executive Chef / Create Common Goods, Boise
Morgan Stanley
The Real
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A proven innovation strategist, author, culture specialist, and creative communicator.
Dave Gibbons
Founder and Chief Vision Officer

Hello people!

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Linda Kang


Believing that everyone is a leader, Ruth is excited to be on this journey to help "unleash people's destiny" through her operational support and financial accountability.
Ruth Kwak
What we do.

Leadership & Destiny Development

We unleash the uniqueness found in every human being.


People who don't know about Xealots but they'd like to taste it. We have an introduction called the Xealot Way that could set you on your journey to unleashing your potential.


The curious are those who have taken the Xealot Way and want to go deeper. Experience our customized proprietary process called Live!


This is the collective group of Xealots that are now wanting to walk together and help unleash each others uniqueness.
The Xealot Way.

An orientation to the unique, sometimes unconventional, values of this global tribe. Walk away with design principles to help you live life more fully.


How do I become free? & How do I free others?


It's about generosity.


Its not about initiation but response to the energy in and around you.


Paying attention to one person can change a city, a nation and maybe even the world.

Our Signature Process of four key experiences to help gain insight into your Original Design and how to live it out in a practical and strategic way.


Understand your unique essence and how you can live that out.


Overcome barriers and find breakthrough from the brokenness and regrets of the past.


Know how to receive love and to love others more wholly.


Launch into your uniqueness with an intentional and well-conceived plan.

Everyone's path looks different.

Membership Benefits

Learning Adventures

Cross-cultural ventures planned for individuals and groups interested in learning from each other, Xealot guides, and culture immersion. Cohorts will travel to encounter new ideas, real-time initiatives in global cities, and learn from indigenous experts.


This program identifies emerging leaders and empowers them to discover their uniqueness. Along with other residents you will explore a multi-disciplinary, immersive experience including the arts, business strategies, and community development.

Customized Consulting

One-on-one consults, cultural engagments, dynamic learning explorations, and social innovations. Xealots artfully crafts uniquely-taylored consulting experiences for individuals, groups, and organizations.


Xealot Alliance Gatherings are a meeting of Xealots worldwide network to learn and experience what is going on around the world. These are once a year in a new location everytime.
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